February 21


It’s Clear Why You Feel Stuck

Millions of people will wake up today feeling stuck in their current situation and with the acknowledgement that they are not living up to their full potential. They know they have more to offer but they don’t know what steps to take to get there.

Sound familiar?

The fundamental reason you feel like you’re not moving forward in life is because you gave up one of your greatest freedoms: your ability to choose.

I coach hundreds of leaders a year on relationship decisions, career transitions, and how to coach effectively and if there is one thing I know for sure it is that feeling stuck is a choice. People who feel stuck for long periods of time have chosen to remain there because complaining about it is more comfortable than actually doing something about it.

People are so worried about making the right or wrong choice that they make no choice at all.


How to choose how to choose elevator


I recently attended Hay House’s I Can Do It conference in Seattle, WA and this scenario played out in front of hundreds of people. While listening to Caroline Myss speak on The Power of Words, a lady in the audience shared that she was struggling to make a big life decision. Carolyn interjected and exclaimed, “Just make a decision!” The woman responded, “How do I know if it’s the right path?” Caroline’s response shined a big spotlight in a dark room. She said, “ANY DECISION IS YOUR SOUL’S PATH.”


Regardless of the choice you make you will learn the lessons you need to learn to get you to the next level. You will learn about yourself, how you show up in relationships, how you communicate, and how you do or do not honor your values and boundaries. All those lessons open the door to your next right choice. Therefore, the only wrong choice is the one not made.

Oprah Winfrey spoke at the Stanford Graduate School of Business where she talked about Career, Life, and Leadership. She reiterated that “There are no mistakes…Your life is bigger than any one experience…[all choices] are leading to the same path.”


The key to success and happiness is to make integrity-based decisions that ignite forward momentum in your life. Leadership is about making choices and accepting the rewards and consequences that come with those choices. There is no one right path! Anyone that has ever done anything great in life didn’t get there by playing it easy and not taking risks. Greatness requires one vulnerable choice after another.

Trust yourself enough to know that no matter where the journey takes you you’re going to be okay and it’s always leading to the path of most potential. Furthermore, the beautiful thing about life is you always reserve the right to make a different choice.

So what decision you need to make today?

Answer these 8 questions to gain some clarity and ignite forward momentum in your life.

Remember: Your dreams and desires are just one choice, one step away! All you have to do is choose.


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