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The best performers in the world …

have a coach who challenges their perspective, holds them accountable, and has their back as they reach new levels of success. This is the type of coaching we do! Justin Patton and his team of certified professional coaches specialize in coaching executive leaders and empowers them to take control of their choices and their life. Our team helps leaders build stronger influence and credibility, take responsibility for their energy, and explore other ways of leading and communicating.


Our Leadership Coaching Style

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We will respect you enough to tell you the truth and ask the challenging questions

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We will explore patterns of behavior that impact every area of your life

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We will have your back every 
step of the way

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We will include your manager, peers, and team members throughout your entire coaching experience

What You Can Expect From Us

Clear Methodology for Leadership Coaching Services

We coach leaders for a period of 6-12 months. Our leadership coaching services consist of both face-to-face and virtual coaching sessions. The client drives the agenda for each coaching session.

Experience You Can Count On

All of our coaches are certified professional coaches – which means they have undergone rigorous training to be credentialed in the coaching field. Our clients include leaders from some of the top Fortune 500 companies like Taco Bell, General Electric, and Ahold USA.

Measurable Impact

Our clients complete the EQi-2.0 assessment both at the beginning and end of their leadership coaching experience. The assessment measures a client’s emotional intelligence in 15 core areas of leadership. All of these 15 areas impact trust, credibility, and performance. More importantly, these specific areas are not fixed and can be developed over time.

Coaching Testimonials

The impact Justin makes speaks for itself. Check out what his clients are saying below.

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