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TIFFANY MENKE, President of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce

“We have been holding our business conference for four years and have featured nationally-known television personalities, to successful authors, to sports celebrities. This year, we heard time and time again from attendees, Justin is by far the best speaker our audience has heard at our conference. His message and delivery holds the attention of the audience and they leave wanting even more.”

Tiffany Menke | President of the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce

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All of Justin’s keynote programs are 60-minutes of high-energy, actionable content that will challenge how you lead, love, and communicate. All programs can be delivered in-person or virtually. 

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Actionable Programs that Drive Change

It Starts With You!

3 Breakthrough Steps to Playing Bigger in Leadership, Business, and Life

Leadership is not about you, but it starts with you! Therefore, if you ever want to be a great leader of others, you must first be a great leader of yourself! This highly interactive program has leaders explore the wake they leave, the #1 trait that holds all leaders back, and how their presence builds or erodes trust and connection in their relationships. This program will challenge participants to look at themselves differently, and it will change how they lead and communicate in every part of their life.

Program Objectives

  • Identify who you are at your best
  • Discuss the #1 trait that holds all leaders back
  • Explain the core actions & impact associated with ego
  • Demonstrate the impact your presence has on building trust


how to build trust & ignite a culture people love

Trust is your differentiator. It’s what separates average leaders from exceptional ones and great companies from the ones that struggle to retain people. Our ability to build trust is how we earn credibility, create experiences that move people, and keep people coming back again and again. This interactive program will challenge what every leader already knows about trust and make you think differently about how you intentionally build trust with others. A workplace of trust and belonging shouldn’t be the exception. It should be the standard. This is your roadmap on how to make it happen.

BE WARNED: You'll never look at trust and your relationships the same way again!

Program Objectives

  • Understand why trust is money and your biggest competitive advantage
  • Explore ways to build trust in yourself
  • Learn the three factors to building trust with others
  • Highlight the 5 attributes of toxic workplace cultures
  • Discuss the three questions you need to be able to say "YES!" to in your relationships


How to Use Your Body Language to Communicate with Stronger Impact and credibility

Your presence says a lot about your leadership, character, and how connected you make people feel. This is why your presence is one of your greatest assets. It will ultimately influence which doors open and close for you. The best leaders know how to use their body language to communicate with stronger impact and credibility. This interactive program will challenge you to reimagine your leadership presence, help you understand who you are at your best, and teach you how to leverage the four power zones on the body to communicate with authentic confidence and empathy. 

Be ready to laugh, get out of your seat, and never see yourself the same way again!

Program Objectives

  • Understand the difference between presence and leadership presence
  • Use the 4 power zones on body to communicate with confidence
  • Demonstrate the role empathy plays in your ability to connect
  • Learn how to manage your intensity so people can hear your message


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Audiences Love Justin Patton

"In just minutes, Justin shattered my expectations. Justin’s energy and excitement are highly contagious, and it carried over throughout the event."

"We needed a keynote to start the event that would bring energy, passion, and insight. Justin did all of those things. Justin Patton is amazing."

"I just got done listening to Justin speak, and I will tell you it was one of the most invigorating and insightful things I’ve ever heard."

"Justin Patton is an awesome speaker. If you’re looking for someone to inspire and motivate your leaders, Justin is your person."

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