Learning that Sticks!

If you're looking to grow the leaders in your organization, and you're committed to providing more than just a one-time event, then this is the space for you!

“We’ve had the chance to take back the skills we learned during the past three months. We’re seeing improvements with our employees. What we learned is working.”

Dr. Leslie Hoglund | Virginia Department of Health

Blended Learning Experiences

Go Beyond One-Time Learning Events

One-time learning events can be a highly effective tool for opening awareness and challenging your team to think differently. That said, it often takes practice over a period of time to experiment with new ideas, learn what works for you, and to build unconscious competence in that new skill.

learn·ing ex·pe·ri·ence

A series of intentional learning touch-points designed to elevate learning, drive retention, and reinforce behavior change.

Justin’s blended learning experiences leverage the right combination of in-person events, virtual programs, surveys and assessments, one-on-one coaching and so much more, to activate people’s brilliance and create the best environment for them to learn.

Our CUSTOMIZED Experiences

Elevate Learning and Drive Retention

We create customized experiences for your leaders by leveraging the right mix of touch-points proven to elevate learning, drive retention, and reinforce positive change. The following example outlines several of the key touch-points we leverage when customizing a unique experience for our clients. 

In-Person Event

4-Week Email Series

EQ or DISC Assessment

Virtual Webinar

One-on-One Coaching

Capstone Project & Celebration

Customized Experiences

Explore these Client Experiences

Below are three experiences we created for our clients who wanted to focus on long-term application and mastery of skills. Click on each PDF to view the learning touch points we created to make a relevant experience that led to behavior change. Do one of these experiences look like a good fit for your organization? Let’s talk about it!

How We Design

Exceptional Leadership Development Experiences


We Make It Relevant

All of our programs are connected back to leadership and emotional intelligence core competencies and backed up by research. We help learners build their awareness, self-confidence, and skills so they show up better both at home and at work. 


We Make It Accessible

We understand the best learning experiences are not always a virtual webinar or a face-to-face classroom experience; therefore, we work with you to deliver the learning experience on the right platform for your learners - which often leads to a blended method of learning.


We Make it Engaging

We understand attention spans are short; therefore, we focus on providing interaction within every 10-15 minutes. As a result, the focus is not on the instructor, but on the learners. All of our programs are designed to teach a concept then provide adequate and appropriate practice over time to reinforce the learning.


We Make It Customized

All of our experiences are customized to each organization and what’s best for their learners. We’re going to work with you to ensure scenarios and activities are relevant to your business. We’re going to provide individualized feedback and guidance to learners as they practice concepts. We’re going to ensure everything we design reinforces the values and culture of your organization. 


Hear What Justin's Clients Are Saying

"Justin found ways to make the content both interesting and engaging. I also found the tools Justin gave us to work with after the event useful. I’d highly recommend him."

"Justin has done a great job of really connecting the real word to our work situation. This has been an excellent for me and my team."

"We’ve had the chance to take back the skills we learned during the past three months. We’re seeing improvements with our employees. What we learned is working."

"Justin was fantastic. I hung on every word he said. He reminds me that I have the key to my personal happiness – whether at work or home."