Lead with Presence.

Communicate with Trust.

Everyone benefits when you show up with stronger leadership presence. Justin empowers organizations to reimagine how they develop leaders, and he challenges individuals to reimagine how they lead, love, and communicate.

If you want to be a great leader of others,

you must first be a great leader of yourself.

Morale and the bottom line of every business suffers when leaders lack emotional intelligence and don’t take responsibility their leadership presence. When organizations don’t help leaders develop their emotional intelligence they often produce a transactional culture where leaders put results over people, communicate in unhealthy ways, and sacrifice trust. 

Organizations can’t survive this type of environment long-term because both employees and customers will go somewhere else to get a better experience.

Justin teaches leaders how to become better leaders of themselves, so they can be better leaders of others.

He provides leaders with practical strategies on how to communicate with both their head and heart, and he helps them create an environment people never want to leave.

lead·er·ship pres·ence

a style of communication that earns others’ trust

Justin’s keynotes, workshops, and coaching programs empower leaders to get out of their own way, become better leaders of themselves, and cultivate more confidence and trust. More importantly, they change the way people show up every day.

Keynote Speaking

Justin not only wants to develop authentic, trusting leaders at work. He wants to help individuals show up better in their marriage, with their family and friends, and even with themselves. Justin’s high-energy, level of audience interaction, and relevant content are what make his keynotes stick!


Justin believes trust and communication are the foundation for every successful business and relationship. His leadership workshops will challenge leaders to disrupt the patterns of behaviors holding them back, allow them to practice relevant concepts, and receive personalized feedback.


Justin's coaching programs are not about changing you. They’re about helping you develop your confidence and unleash the potential already inside you. Find out if executive coaching, individual coaching, or a monthly coaching retainer is the right fit for you or your organization.


Exceptional learning experiences are focused on a journey, not a one-time event. Justin designs customized learning experiences that combine in-person events, virtual programs, coaching and assessments, along with on-demand reinforcement.


Hear What Justin's Clients Are Saying

"Justin was fantastic. Our members were highly engaged – which is difficult to do in a virtual event. We will definitely be inviting Justin back again."

"I was incredibly impressed with Justin. The energy he brought to the process, and the level of engagement with the audience was simply as good as I’ve ever seen – if not better."

"Justin is genuine – you can feel his authenticity. He has the ability to connect with his audience at a level that all professional speakers desire, but very rarely achieve."

"Justin brought energy. He brought passion, and he totally energized the room. He reinvigorated our organization to take it to the next level."

Hi, Y'all. I'm Justin.

When I was a young boy growing up on a farm in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, I always thought I’d be a lawyer. I’m not sure if it was because I loved talking or because I’ve never backed down from an argument. Heck, it might have been my realization that bailing hay and herding cows was not my calling.

Regardless, life had a different plan.

My dad unexpectedly passed away when I was 18. That event changed everything. As a result of not knowing how to deal with the pain, I emotionally disconnected and threw myself into my career. It took 12 years to have my wake-up call and reimagine how I showed up in the world.

I now have the privilege of taking all the lessons learned, all the training and certifications I’ve acquired, all the books I’ve written, and use it to help others reimagine how they show up in the world as well.

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