April 25


What You Allow, You Encourage

Mark Lagestee, VP of Global Talent and Organizational Development at Yum! Brands, once said…

“What you allow, you encourage.” 



Boundaries signal to people what you will allow and not allow in your life. They are a permission slip for how people can treat you, and these boundaries ultimately shape the dynamic of every relationship in your life.


Your boundaries are a product of your core values and experiences. Communicating your boundaries is not about controlling other people’s behavior. It is explaining to others what you need to show up your best and then giving them the choice to honor that request and the relationship with you.


When you don’t have a strong sense of self-worth or awareness you often sacrifice your boundaries in your desire to be liked or to avoid conflict. Your willingness to stand up for the boundaries in your life reflects the real value you place upon yourself.


Authentic leadership is about knowing, honoring, and sharing the boundaries that matter to you. It is also about co-creating the boundaries on how the team will work together and drive results, since how they work together creates the culture they experience every day at work.

We cannot expect others to honor our boundaries when we don’t have the courage to stand up for them.

Remember: it is okay to be unapologetic with your boundaries.




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