May 2


Do Not Rot Among the Waiting

An important aspect to leadership is having the courage to create a bold vision, taking intentional daily steps towards that vision, and recalibrating along the way.




Leaders do not sit and wait for things to happen. They make their future by always looking for the next right answer. They lean into that answer and give it everything they have, and they trust that they will learn the lessons they need to along the way so they can recalibrate as necessary.


One thing I have learned as an executive coach is that everyone knows the next right answer! What they sometimes struggle with is the courage to speak that truth. The moment you give your truth a voice you are accepting the rewards and consequences that come with honoring that choice. Great leaders accept that their power lies in their choices and they refuse to give other people their power.


I have met too many people who wished they would have invested more in their relationship, asked for the promotion they thought they deserved, applied for a job they wanted, got out of a relationship they knew wasn’t healthy for them, stopped being busy so they could be more present for their children, and initiated a conversation they have been avoiding.


Do not rot among the people who are too afraid to live their best life. Trust that whatever decision you make will teach you lessons and propel you to a bigger, bolder, and better life.


Haiku_Courageous Action

What courageous action do you need to take?


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