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The Message I Needed to Hear For the New Year and Maybe You Do, Too.

Have you ever heard that piece of advice you needed to hear right at that very moment? 

That happened to me this past week while listening to Jay Shetty’s podcast (On Purpose) with Gabby Bernstein. I saw a clip of episode #91 on social media, How to Manifest What You Need in Life & What Blocks It, and something told me to listen. 

Gabby highlighted that the key to her success and her happiness was to ensure that everything she did was rooted in a place of “joy, love, and service.” She said when things didn’t work out in her life, it was because she wasn’t applying this principle. 

When I look back on my life and more notably this past year, this principle rings true.

There was pure joy in the work I was doing when I first started my business. I did that work because I genuinely believed the programs I taught made a difference in people’s lives. As a result, I kept getting connected to more people, and opportunities organically came my way. I believe the mindset and intentionality of how I did my work invited abundance into my life. 

Somewhere, however, in the hustle and bustle of growing a business, hiring the right team, ensuring customers are receiving the best experience, and delivering programs that continue to add value, I switched from this love and service mindset to a scarcity one. 

I hired people on my team because I was overwhelmed, and I couldn’t do it alone. The intention could have been, “Wow…I get to hire more people that can help spread this message I believe in so much.” 

I implemented an outbound marketing campaign so we can get more clients and set the business up for future success in case clients turn over or the recession hits. The intention could have been, “If we implement an effective outbound marketing campaign, we will have the opportunity to serve more people who need to hear our message and who find value in the results we produce.”  

This mindset choice is more than just semantics. It’s genuinely believing in the principle and then ensuring your actions align with your intentionality. That does not mean the work won’t be hard, frustrating, and even overwhelming from time-to-time. It is in those moments, however, that we have to choose not to react from a scarcity mindset. We must remind ourselves often that we get to do our work from a place of love and service. That is the authentic gift we give ourselves and others.

It is so easy to react out of fear when you’re in a relationship low-point with someone. We tend to pull back, not being fully transparent about what we’re
feeling, or become passive-aggressive. Love and service for that relationship would require us to have the hard conversations, tell the truth about how we feel, and mutually agree on the next right answer for the relationship. 

I coach managers every week who consistently operate from a scarcity mindset. They don’t say no when they should. They fail to delegate because they’re afraid the work won’t be done the way they want. They rely on the same people over and over without developing other people on the team, and they let people get away with bad behavior as long as they get results. Managing from a place of love and service would require them to love people enough to tell the truth – even if that answer is no, invest in all people, and value how people get results. 

How many of you are leading your life, team or business with a scarcity mindset and blocking the abundance that is yours to receive?  

My hope for you is that 2020 will bring you a year of abundance! I hope that abundance is rooted in a place of “joy, love, and service.” I know I needed this reminder, and maybe you did, too. 

Have a wonderful new year! 

If no one tells you they believe in you, I believe in you. 

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