April 12


Don’t Drown Quietly

John Hulsey, an Operations Consultant for Taco Bell, was talking to a room full of restaurant general managers and offered them one piece of advice that resonated with everyone in the room.

“Don’t Drown Quietly!”

Most leaders could save themselves and their jobs if they just had the courage and the willingness to ask for help.


Below are three main reasons why leaders don’t ask for help:

  1. They lack self-awareness and do not even realize they need help before it is too late.
  2. Their ego prevents them from asking for help because they are so caught up trying to portray an image they want others to see.
  3. They are afraid of what others will think or do as a result of their vulnerability.


Remember: if you are ever reprimanded or judged by a leader when asking for help then that is more about him/her than it is about you, and you should re-evaluate if that’s the type of leader you really want to follow.


Great leaders will always throw you a lifeline when you need it; however, the first step in saving yourself is asking for help.

Wave your arms!
Make some noise!
Refuse to drown quietly. . .

Drowning quietly is a choice, and you always have the right to make a different choice.

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