November 7


6 Dangerous Actions That Cause Leaders to Lose Their Voice

Your character is a result of how you use your voice. I define voice as the medium you use to express your thoughts and feelings with the world. This can be done through words, body language, or artistic expression. Leaders understand the gravity of their voice and the impact it has on development, engagement, and trust.


You will lose your voice and play smaller than your potential the moment you. . .


  1. Stop believing your voice means something
  2. Do not honor the voice you already have
  3.  Consistently put other’s voice above your own
  4.  Stop expressing your ideas and feelings
  5.  Are more worried about other’s reactions than your truth
  6.  Do not manage the approach for how you deliver your truth


You must believe your voice matters and that the world needs to hear your message, ideas, and thoughts in only the way you can say it.


I believe you cannot be a great leader of others until you first become a great leader of yourself. Therefore, you have no greater obligation than to find your authentic voice. When you find your voice, you find your confidence. When you find your confidence, you dream bigger, act bolder, and you stop putting up with shit that you shouldn’t. You aren’t afraid to have the conversations you need to have – even when they are uncomfortable. You speak up and share your truth – even when it is not popular. You stop searching for the voice you want and you celebrate the one you already have.


When you find your voice you will start to believe you are good enough. When you believe you are good enough, you show up in your relationships, work, and community with more compassion and authenticity.


The world needs more leaders like that. Don’t lose your voice!!! 


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