June 21


5 Steps to Making Your Presence Count

I had the opportunity to speak to 900 women leaders in Chicago last week on the importance of body language in leadership. The core message was. .  .

Your Presence Matters: Show Up for People!”


Haiku_Body Language


We do not show up our best when we are busy-being-busy and unaware of the impact our presence makes in the world. It is in our busyness that we make people feel invisible. It is in our busyness that we try to fix people versus empower them to find their own solutions. It is in our busyness that we allow our intensity to hold us back as we drive results.


Being fully present for people is a choice and it requires us to. . .


  1. Take responsibility for our energy
  2. Eliminate distractions 
  3. Point our feet towards the person we are communicating with  
  4. Listen to understand vs trying to fix/solve 
  5. Acknowledge their experience so they don’t feel crazy for feeling the way they do 


You will not always get it right in your effort to show up for people, but when you do not get it right, I hope you will slow down and take the necessary steps to make it right.


Remember: being a champion for someone does not require you to do anything besides just show up and be present. Your presence alone is enough. Your presence is the most valuable gift you can ever give someone.


Make it count!


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