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Helping leaders build stronger trust in themselves, with others, and across the organization.

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Trust is every leader’s and organization’s biggest competitive advantage

At The Trust Architect Group, we are more than just a business; we are a community built by trust. We believe that trust is the foundation for all successful relationships and workplace cultures. Whether you're leading a team of employees, working to deliver exceptional customer service, or wanting to be a better parent and friend, you need to be able to give and earn trust.

But here’s the deal: trust is always the result of how we communicate.

Every relationship and team suffers when leaders don’t take responsibility for their leadership presence. When organizations don’t help leaders develop their emotional intelligence, they often produce a transactional culture where leaders put results over people, communicate in unhealthy ways, and sacrifice trust. It’s never worth it.

We create safe spaces for you to think differently about yourself, how you lead and communicate, and how you intentionally build workplace cultures that people believe in.

Our approach is based on years of research and practical experience, and we've helped hundreds of organizations and leaders think differently about how they show up, lead others, and build a culture of trust.

trust ar·chi·tect

Someone who communicates with leadership presence and takes responsibility for the glimpses people see of them.

The Benefits of Trust are clear 

Building a Culture of Trust...

 drives performance

When people trust each other, they work more efficiently and effectively, with less time wasted on second-guessing or staying silent.

improves employee engagement

Employees who trust their leaders are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work.

leads to better collaboration

Trust makes it easier to collaborate and share ideas, leading to more innovation and creativity.

fosters opportunity

Trust creates a better brand reputation which leads to attracting new customers, partnerships, and promotions.

increases profitability

High-trust workpaces are more profitable because they have lower turnover and often provide better customer service.

Our Services

Justin’s keynotes, workshops, and coaching programs empower leaders to think differently about who they are, how they communicate, and the impact they make in the world.

Keynote Speaking

A high-energy, memorable presentation that engages an audience, challenges them to think differently about their leadership presence, and gives them the insights they need to take immediate action.

Half-Day Workshops

Leadership and communication skills workshops dig deeper into one particular topic, allow leaders to practice relevant concepts, and receive personalized feedback.

Leadership Coaching

I coach leaders around leadership presence and empower them to show up more of who they are at their best. Find out if leadership coaching or a monthly coaching retainer for your organization is the right fit.


Hear What Justin's Clients Are Saying

"Justin was fantastic. Our members were highly engaged – which is difficult to do in a virtual event. We will definitely be inviting Justin back again."

"I was incredibly impressed with Justin. The energy he brought to the process, and the level of engagement with the audience was simply as good as I’ve ever seen – if not better."

"Justin is genuine – you can feel his authenticity. He has the ability to connect with his audience at a level that all professional speakers desire, but very rarely achieve."

"Justin brought energy. He brought passion, and he totally energized the room. He reinvigorated our organization to take it to the next level."

Hi, Y'all. I'm Justin.

When I was a young boy growing up on a farm in Mt. Washington, Kentucky, I always thought I’d be a lawyer. I’m not sure if it was because I loved talking or because I’ve never backed down from an argument. Heck, it might have been my realization that bailing hay and herding cows was not my calling.

Regardless, life had a different plan.

My dad unexpectedly passed away when I was 18. That event changed everything. As a result of not knowing how to deal with the pain, I emotionally disconnected and threw myself into my career. It took 12 years to have my wake-up call and reimagine how I showed up in the world.

I now have the privilege of taking all the lessons learned, all the training and certifications I’ve acquired, all the books I’ve written, and use it to help others reimagine how they show up in the world as well.

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