March 23


Cultivating Empathy

When you have been hurt a lot in your life you do whatever you can to cope and survive. For many people that means shutting off emotionally and moving forward.

Can you relate?

The consequence of that choice is that you become emotionally numb, emotionally distant, and emotionally disconnected. This behavior impacts the way you show up and lead, parent, love, and communicate.

Perhaps one of the biggest decisions many of us will ever face is deciding whether or not to give ourselves permission to reignite our heart. It’s a vulnerable decision because . . .


  1. you acknowledge you were unable to be fully present
  2. you release your need to control every situation and every decision
  3. you believe that your kindness does not have to mean weakness
  4. you accept that you must slow down so you can meet people where they are


Empathy is the birthplace of connection. It fundamentally makes us better leaders and communicators. Check out the short video below to learn two ways you can cultivate stronger empathy in your life.


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