June 1


18 Ways to Show Employees You Care

What leadership behavior is impacting your credibility as a leader and influencing employee engagement the most?

Christine Porath partnered with Harvard Business Review to conduct a study of over 20,000 employees around the world and they identified the behavior that had the biggest impact on employee commitment was RESPECT.

The simplest way you can demonstrate respect and increase your credibility as a leader is by making deposits into peoples’ emotional bank accounts. Emotional deposits make individuals feel more valued and connected. When these feelings are present we ignite stronger trust.

Remember: your top talent will not stay with leaders and organizations they do not trust or respect.

Every day offers leaders the chance to make small, meaningful deposits that benefit both the individual and the organization. Here is a list of 18 emotional deposits you can make this week! Download the list here.


  1. Take time to say hello and learn something new about the person
  2. Smile and use your presence to make people feel less alone
  3. Listen to understand instead of trying to be right
  4. Show interest by asking follow-up questions
  5. Be fully present when communicating (point your feet towards them)
  6. Follow-through on what you say you’re going to do
  7. Apologize when you need to take accountability for something
  8. Recognize individuals privately and/or publically for what they do right
  9. Love people enough to tell them the truth (transparency builds trust)
  10. Be open to feedback & thank employees when they give it to you
  11. Ask employees for their opinion
  12. Ask employees if they need help
  13. Invite someone to lunch so you can get to know them better
  14. Forgive them & let go of the energy holding your relationship back
  15. Invest in their career development
  16. Show interest in their significant other (work is personal)
  17. Provide autonomy in how they do their job
  18. Celebrate personal and professional key milestones



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