Justin Patton

Daily Motivational Videos

Quiet Confidence

Powerful Question

Create Boundaries

5 Stages of Grief & Loss

Trust & Connection

Body Language Matters

Relationship Deposits

Finding Purpose

Defining Success

Taking Care of Yourself

Loving or Enabling You?

Save Your Opinion

Life Isn't Meant to be Fair

Elements of Healing

Your New Normal

Living Turn by Turn

Building Self-Confidence

Danger of Poor Learners

The Love You Give

Inside Their Shoes

Beneath the Words

Your Emotional Wake

Sit in Your Mess

Refuse to Wear Labels

Your Bumper Sticker

You Are The Love You Seek

Dream Big, Start Small

Giving Feedback

Why We Miss Out

Own Your Feelings

STOP Call Waiting

Closing the Door

Betraying Ourselves

Love or Fear?

Being a Truth-Teller

The Most Loving Thing

Hustling for Validation

Honor Others

Burn the Superhero Cape

New Seasons

Just Start Today