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Lady Gaga Shares Tips to Empower Business Women (2 of 3)

Lady Gaga Shares Tips to Empower Business Women (2 of 3)

JUST IN: Lady Gaga is teaching business women more than you think!

Gender differences in body language have an important impact on the bottom line and your ability to build rapport. While watching A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special, I noticed several key body language gestures from “Mother Monster” that all business women should personify in their daily interactions. In this series of three blogs, I will share some Lady Gaga inspired tips that can improve the way others perceive you.


Tip #2: Anchor Your Way to Success!

 So what makes Lady Gaga look so confident in this photo? For starters, she’s using the skills we discussed in the previous blog: she’s taking up space with her left arm and the cameraman is angling up to give Gaga the height advantage.

One additional element happening in this picture is Gaga is anchoring her right hand to the pillar. Anchoring yourself to any solid structure can give the perception of confidence, power and send the message that you own that space.


One of the top sales professionals I know used this concept to her advantage during one of the company’s largest finalist presentations. While opening the meeting, she stood behind each seated person on her team, anchored herself to their chair, and gave a brief remark about how valuable that person was and what they would be contributing to the client. Needless to say, between her confidence, passion, and knowledge-level, she won the business. And that my friend is how you anchor your way to success!

Here are a few quick tips on how you can apply this concept to your interactions:

  • When presenting (standing), anchor yourself to the corner of the table/chair/wall with one hand and gesture with the other
  • If presenting behind a podium (goodness try to avoid this), anchor yourself to the side of the podium so that you come across more relaxed, open to the audience
  • When presenting (sitting), you can anchor yourself to the chair next to you by putting your arm on the back of the chair; however, I always recommend that if you present over 10 minutes, GET UP! You do not have to sit or stand the entire time but stand up at some point and anchor yourself to your chair/table and use gestures. This gives you the height advantage and stimulates engagement through eye movement.
  • Break all rules of engagement when it comes to furniture. Don’t be afraid to sit on the desk.


My Challenge to You:
Implement one of these techniques during an interaction this week and pay particular attention to how the listeners respond.  


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