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Lady Gaga Shares Tips to Empower Business Women (1 of 3)

Lady Gaga Shares Tips to Empower Business Women (1 of 3)

JUST IN: Lady Gaga is teaching business women more than you think!

Gender differences in body language have an important impact on the bottom line and your ability to build rapport. While watching A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special, I noticed several key body language gestures from “Mother Monster” that all business women should take advantage of in their daily interactions. In the next three blogs, I will share some Lady Gaga inspired tips that can improve the way others perceive you.


Tip #1: Take up Space!
So let’s test your knowledge. Which of the Gaga pictures below do you feel exudes more confidence?

I’m sure the majority of you picked Lady Gaga with Chef Art Smith and I would agree with you. But what’s the lesson here? Confidence and power are conveyed through taking up space & height. In this picture, a simple hand or two on the hips increases people’s perception of your confidence. Additionally, research by psychologists Dana Carney and Amy Cuddy found that women who used these power poses (even when they weren’t feeling secure) had a spike in their testosterone level which allowed them to feel more powerful than others who did not use these poses.

 Most business women that I’ve had the opportunity to coach sit like Lady Gaga in the interview with Katie Couric. Why? Well, some women have been taught to sit this way, some are just more reserved, and frankly some just find it more comfortable. Regardless, there is nothing wrong with this position but remember: there is a place and time to exude power and give up power. The key is to understand those moments and use your body language to your advantage.


Here are a few quick tips on how you can apply this concept to your interactions:

  • When presenting (standing), put one hand on your hip and extend the other arm to gesture
  • When presenting (sitting), keep both feet flat on floor, sit up on edge of seat, and maintain distance with both arms while gesturing  
  • When sitting, avoid placing your arms/hands inside the chair.  Use the arms of the chair to your advantage.
  • During meetings (sitting), push your chair slightly back from the table, put one arm on the back of your chair or the chair beside you (if there is no one there) and your other forearm resting on the table


My Challenge to You:
Take the next 2 minutes and try mimicking these poses and hold them each for at least 30 seconds. How does it make you feel? Ask your partner, friend, and/or child for their perception.


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